You also have an opportunity to purchase furniture in UAB “Lukandra” stores by instalments. Our partners are UAB “Ūkio banko lizingas” and UAB “Mokilizingas”.

How to purchase by instalments?

You shall select a product;

Within a few minutes, a store employee will conclude a leasing agreement with you;

According to the payment schedule, provided in the leasing agreement, each month you shall make a certain amount of payments to a leasing company;

After all the obligations are fulfilled according to the leasing agreement, a product becomes your property.

 The service is automatically provided to the following persons:

Customers from 18 to 70 years of age

Leasing conditions:

The minimum amount of a funded product is 150 LTL;

Term of redemption: from 3 to 36 months. In some cases, the period of the agreement can be longer;

Payment in advance – from 0 LTL;

Frequency of payments – monthly;

Appreciation rate and fee of the agreement depend on the value of product, amount of payment in advance and term of agreement;

Product insurance is optional.